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Running on a Treadmill

The first advantage is that a treadmill offers you some privacy. At times being hot, sweaty, and struggling in public is a bit too much for some people. Being able to build up strength and stamina while at home is much more comfortable.

With a treadmill you can time your exercise or your distance exactly like you want it. When running trails, there are times that you can’t quite get the timing right. This can be a problem if you are trying to fit running into your morning routine and don’t want to be late for work.

If you unfortunately get injured, you can immediately stop while you are on a treadmill. When out running, this is a huge problem as you have to walk back to your car many times in pain.

A treadmill gets rid of the weather excuse. You can’t take the day off cause it’s a little cold or too rainy. You can get your exercise in no matter what. Even if you run outdoors most days, having the treadmill gives you a backup when conditions are bad.

You can train harder on a treadmill because of two very important points. First of all, you can run uphill for your entire workout. This is hard to find in a real world situation. Secondly, you can set the machine to move slightly faster than your normal pace. This pushes you to go faster as you have to keep up with the machine.

Another advantage if taking care of kids at home is that you can stay close to your kids watching them while you get your workout. This can’t be done while outside running.

Treadmills offer some huge advantages over running outside. Find out what these are and why you might want to invest in one if you are a runner.