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Prepared For Running in Rain

Protecting yourself against the cold and the rain is a lot easier than it was in the past. Today sport clothing manufacturers have produced amazing materials that protect our bodies from the elements. One particular fabric is Gore-Tex which is clothing that many runners use during their winter training. The key thing is to be prepared in advance and plan ahead. For those bitterly cold days you should invest in a pair long training pants a Gore -Tex upper body jacket, running gloves or mittens a cap or face mask. Once you get running and the blood circulating you will not notice the cold.

If the ground surface has ice then it may be a better option to stay indoors and use a treadmill if you have one or use one at your local gym. If you are determined to go out in icy conditions then you need to be extra careful. A slip can result in a nasty accident to your groin, hamstring or knees. This could put you out of action for a couple of months. Keep a close eye on the surface and avoid the icy patches and black ice.

Running in the rain is not a problem but it is better to be prepared. If it is raining outside and it is cold then wear a protective Gore – Tex jacket or a jacket that has water resistant and breathable qualities. If the weather is wet and hot then the best option is to wear fewer clothes. The clothes should not be water absorbent as this will increase the weight of the clothing.

What is very important when running in wet and cold conditions is what you do after the run. After a session remove your wet clothing immediately and put on a set of dry clothes. If you are still feeling cold then take a nice warn shower to heat you up.

During a storm with thunder and lightning it is best to wait until the storm passes. If you are caught in the middle of a storm do not seek shelter by standing under a tree as this will increase your risk of being struck. Look for a man made shelter and wait it out.