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Motorized Treadmill Running

To running purists, a motorized treadmill workout might make one feel like a caged hamster spinning around a wheel, but most people quickly latch on to the advantages and pleasures that treadmill workouts offer. It’s great to run on a level surface without having to worry about twisting an ankle in a pothole or tripping over rocks. Treadmills have various speeds and settings that can be adjusted to each runner’s ability. Runners who worry that they will miss the feel of running on natural ground can even set the angle of the treadmill to replicate the experience of hill running.

One great feature of motorized treadmills is that the speed and timers can be set precisely to the workout that you want to do on a particular day. You can do speed workouts or you can go for that long slow run that is an important part of distance training. The precise speed and time readouts can give runners instant feedback on their workout and allows runners to measure their progress empirically over weeks and months. Some treadmills even come with a heartbeat monitor.

The running magazine Runners World also recognizes the popularity of treadmills and offers various styles of workouts for runners of all abilities. Another fantastic aspect of motorized treadmills is that they offer runners the chance to multi-task during their workout. Runners can chat to fellow runners on a neighboring treadmill machine, watch a show on TV, or listen to music. The well-known comedian Jay Leno swears by treadmills and includes a treadmill workout in his daily routine.