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Daily Runs Strengthen


Running keeps you fit and helps you lose weight. Even at a slow place you’ll see the difference.You only need to be consistent. In addition, running also helps build a healthy cardiovascular system by improving the lung capacity, breathing and oxygen distribution.

Good for the heart

Running builds a healthy heart. People joke that each of us has a limited number of heartbeats so why run and shorten your life. I have news for you. Cardiovascular improvement includes a slower heart rate (longer life), improved blood flow and decreased toxic chemicals.

Strong bones

Running strengthens bones and muscles improving the way you look and feel. As long as basic precautions are taken, the bone density improves and the muscles harden giving that ‘fit’ look.

Good for mind and spirit

Running is great for the mind and spirit. At the very core, running is an individual activity and you are competing against yourself. It helps strengthen the mind.When you push harder you reach that state of mind called ‘runner’s high’. It helps focus the mind to achieve goals that you would have set which can be the very basic as reaching the next lamp post to more complex decisions.

Getting started

Now is a good time to start with running in India gaining popularity and fitness having no age bar.

Here are a few tips to help you take the next step:

Check your fitness:

Talk to your doctor before starting any running programme so that he can assess your current fitness and ensure that you don’t over-train in the beginning.


Clothes and shoes are the most important running equipment.You don’t need to buy new or the most expensive stuff to start running. Clothing should be appropriate to the weather and climate while shoes should be comfortable and fit well. Once you become regular in your running, an investment in specialty running clothes and shoes can be made.

Warm up:

Before you start running, ensure that your body is ready for increased activity.This should be gentle and done smoothly, avoiding and jerky motions.

Realistic goals:

Set goals that are realistic and achievable. Breaking a large goal into smaller manageable chunks would ensure that you reach this. If you plan to run a 10k in August, you should plan weekly/monthly goals which allow you to ramp up slowly. Then you will not burn out too soon.

Cooling down:

Cool down after the run, again with no jerky motions.This will help you avoid injury and stiff muscles, and make it easier to run the next day.