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Can Burning Calories with Running

Running has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of burning a lot of calories in the least amount of time. Compared to activities such as walking, housecleaning, bicycling or other physical pursuits, running has come up time and time again in research as one of the fastest ways to burn calories.

Now there are a few things that burn calories more quickly than running. A recent Google search found the following bigger calorie burners: Skin Diving – Fast, Competitive Speed Skating and Digging Ditches. Now I don’t know about you, but most of those activities are not something I’d be able or willing to do on a regular basis. Besides the requirements for specialized equipment and training, what about access to facilities? If you’re traveling, can you fit in some quick competitive speed skating or maybe dig some ditches?

Now you may have heard the theory that – from a calorie burning point of view – a mile walked equals a mile run equals a mile crawled. That theory is based on good old Newtonian physics that states that it takes a certain amount of energy to move a certain weight a given distance. According to that theory it shouldn’t matter how you get there.

However, in a study conducted at Syracuse University in Syracuse New York, researchers concluded that runners burn more calories than walkers who cover the same distance. It seems that the mechanics of running – including the increased oxygen consumption – is responsible for making runners burn more calories than their walking counterparts. Add to the that the fact that your increased metabolism after running keeps you burning more calories for hours afterward and you have a winning combination for burning calories.

So if you want to manage the balance of calories in versus calories out, take up running for weight loss. You’ll start winning the waist management battle and enjoy the many other health benefits that come with running for fitness.