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Exercise Running

The reason this exercise is being given so much of credit is because it is not only very simple but can be carried out on one’s own and there is never a problem about space to run issues. Here some incredible benefits of including running in your daily regimen.

  1. Good bye fat – Yes cardio exercise running can help you lose a lot of weight. No more will you be seen with unsightly bulges. It is said that apart from swimming and biking, running is one of the top forms of exercise when it comes to weight loss management or even simple staying fit routine. More than half of the crowd who take up running are in it to lose extra weight.
  2. Stronger bones – Exercise program running helps increase the bone density. Sitting in one spot all day or leading inactive lives can lead to weak bones which will erode over time but running is the perfect solution to this problem. The bones grow stronger with a set routine of running.
  3. Greater immunity – Like most other cardio

Muscles Are Utilized When Run

Quadriceps. Also known as quads, this is actually a muscle group made up of of four muscles on the front of your thighs, or upper legs.

Your quads get tons of work when you’re running – especially long distance and high intensity workouts like hills or intervals. But of course, remember that all of that work is high repetition and low resistance.

So they’re still a great candidate to work on in the gym to develop greater strength.

Hamstrings. Again, this is really a muscle group made up of several muscles located along the back of your thighs.

Now while these muscles work opposite to your quads, the hamstrings don’t really work hard or through a very long range of motion when running. I once had a very painful hamstring injury that laid me up from running for several months.

It’s important to work on your hamstrings in cross-training so that they are effectively strengthened to work against your powerful quads. This will help you to keep your knees healthy and you off

Prepared For Running in Rain

Protecting yourself against the cold and the rain is a lot easier than it was in the past. Today sport clothing manufacturers have produced amazing materials that protect our bodies from the elements. One particular fabric is Gore-Tex which is clothing that many runners use during their winter training. The key thing is to be prepared in advance and plan ahead. For those bitterly cold days you should invest in a pair long training pants a Gore -Tex upper body jacket, running gloves or mittens a cap or face mask. Once you get running and the blood circulating you will not notice the cold.

If the ground surface has ice then it may be a better option to stay indoors and use a treadmill if you have one or use one at your local gym. If you are determined to go out in icy conditions then you need to be extra careful. A slip can result in a nasty accident to your groin, hamstring or knees. This could put you out of action for a couple of months. Keep

Prepare to Run Long Distance

First let’s talk about what one should wear when they go for a long distance (greater than 5 miles) run. When one runs long distance then as one swings their arms and legs any rubbing of the arms against the body or the legs against themselves can lead to irritating rashes later on. For example it’s normal for arms to rub against the side of one’s body, slightly under armpit area. The constant rubbing can become painful after 10 or more miles of running. Applying a small amount of vaseline directly under the armpit area can help alleviate this issue. Some runners try to keep their arms apart farther from their body, this is a better solution but some running purists argue that it may expend more energy than necessary.

Another issue is that when running long distances most people tend to sweat a lot. Sweat, combined with constant rubbing of the running shirt can cause nipples to bleed. This is another common problem that is easily addressed by applying a little vaseline on the nipples before running. Another solution is to get a different running shirt. Runners prefer mesh shirts to cotton ones because they are

About Easy Fitness Running

Running in Moderation

Smart running means ignoring people who say that you won’t get any benefits unless you’re spitting your lungs up. Even the best runners intersperse hard training with plenty of slow running and outright time off to allow for recovery.

Running puts a lot of stress on your body. Each time your foot strikes the ground, it hits with a force equal to three to four times your body weight. Runners who ignore this fact and consistently push themselves to fatigue do so at their own peril.

Begin With Caution – If you’re out of shape, you’ll need to start slower than if you’re already active but not running. The really important thing is to monitor your soreness.

If you’re sore, you’re doing too much, and you need to back off.

Out of shape runners start with 30 minutes of walking, three times a week. When this starts feeling comfortable, kick up the pace, but still limit the walk to 30 minutes. Then add some jogs to that 30 minutes.

Add Time To Your Routine – A lot of people are already running, though not much. Typical is the runner who notches

Morning Run

One can try to arrange the shoes and other accessories needed for jogging the previous night itself, so that the person starts jogging without wasting any time in searching for the needed items the morning. The next thing the person should take care is with regards to the jogging schedule and route. The person has to be very clear with respect to the route to be followed for jogging and the time to be spent on jogging.

This frees up he person’s mind from any confusion during the jogging period. Person’s interests also will not come down by planning properly. By getting up early in the morning, one should feel fresh before starting jogging and should not feel tired and exhausted. Running with a tired body and mind will further weaken the mind and body. A good night sleep is absolutely essential to wake fresh in the morning. Going to bed early the previous night is

one way of ensuring this. It is also good to drink sufficient water after 7 to 8 hours of sleep. If one crosses the initial period in jogging by properly following some tips mentioned here, then the person will be

Recreational Running

These are just a few of the benefits, but the next question is how can someone with no prior experience start recreational running? Here are some of the helpful tips to help you get started and continue to make it part of your lifestyle:

1. Do your physicals: – Seek medical advice from your physician to make sure that your health status can allow you to pursue recreational running. It is especially important for people who are overweight to consult with their physician to ensure that they are physically able to run or jog without overstressing their body systems.

2. Find a trainer or coach: – Once you have been cleared by your physician, you need to sit down with your trainer or personal instructor who will advise you accordingly. With the help of your trainer or coach, set some realistic goals. Your trainer can help you decide on the right training shoe and tracksuit. Remember to start slow, it is really tempting to put too much on your plate the first time and not be able to get started. Most people get discouraged early in the process as a result of taking too many steps

Start Running If You Overweight

After you get medical clearance from your doctor, you need to start with a gradual flexible program. When I say gradual, I mean it’s going to ease you into running very slowly. Running for weight loss is easy, but expecting to run long distances right away is unrealistic and likely to lead to injury and discouragement. You can still get fabulous results quickly while easing into running.

When I say the program needs to be flexible I mean you need to be able take it on at a pace that works for you. Every body is different and so you need to be able to adjust your running program to work with your body and fitness level. Here’s a flexible program that should work for you:

You’ll need a watch to time your running and walking intervals and I recommend a flat place for your first runs. As your fitness level improves, you’ll be able to start looking for hilly locations you can add to your running destinations.

To begin, you’re going to run for one minute then walk for two minutes. I call this a one-two interval. You’ll repeat these intervals for a total

Daily Runs Strengthen


Running keeps you fit and helps you lose weight. Even at a slow place you’ll see the difference.You only need to be consistent. In addition, running also helps build a healthy cardiovascular system by improving the lung capacity, breathing and oxygen distribution.

Good for the heart

Running builds a healthy heart. People joke that each of us has a limited number of heartbeats so why run and shorten your life. I have news for you. Cardiovascular improvement includes a slower heart rate (longer life), improved blood flow and decreased toxic chemicals.

Strong bones

Running strengthens bones and muscles improving the way you look and feel. As long as basic precautions are taken, the bone density improves and the muscles harden giving that ‘fit’ look.

Good for mind and spirit

Running is great for the mind and spirit. At the very core, running is an individual activity and you are competing against yourself. It helps strengthen the mind.When you push harder you reach that state of mind called ‘runner’s high’. It helps focus the mind to achieve goals that you would have set which can be the very basic as reaching

Slow Jog

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive from running for fitness:

If you’re struggling with your weight, jogging can and will burn off the calories you need to drop pounds. Best of all, jogging at an easy pace naturally places your body in a heart rate zone that is best for burning fat. To burn fat effectively, you don’t want your heart rate too high. The easier you run, the better you burn fat.

As an impact sport, jogging is good for bone density. One of the best things you can do to combat osteoporosis is jogging. It will stimulate your body to deposit more calcium in your bones. Although runners may look very lean, their bones are dense and healthy.

Some people worry that running for fitness can damage joints. In fact, evidence suggests that easy jogging in proper footwear can actually improve the condition of joints in the lower body. It appears that running stimulates the body to strengthen joints,

If you’re concerned that exercise will make you look bulky from building up muscles, you won’t have those concerns from jogging. Running – especially a slow jog – will burn

Info of Running Gait

Let’s start off by describing running gait: this is the way in which we run, coupled with the movement pattern of our feet from the moment we make contact with the floor to the moment we leave it. Your running gait is determined by numerous factors such as:

– Age
– Weight
– Cultural background
– Muscle flexibility
– Joint mobility
– Injury history
– and last but not least: Foot strike.

Your running gait is unique – it varies per individual – and can be influenced by prescribed insoles (orthotics) and poorly-fitted running shoes. It can also explain why some injuries occur – and keep reoccurring. It can change, either improve or worsen. Such adjustments take place over a long period of time as the 7 points mentioned above change.

Determining your own running gait is difficult if you’re not sure what you’re looking for but you can do a few simple tests while looking at yourself in the mirror. This will at least point you in the right direction.

Let’s test your running gait. Stand in front of a mirror. Place your feet about 20cm apart. Now close your eyes, stand tall

Treatment Knee Injuries

Experts and professional physical therapists diagnose the root cause of various diseases and disorder and offer the right treatment with proper remedies. These are beneficial for patients and help them in recovering from their ailments. They provide solutions for various orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular, pediatric, geriatric and pulmonary disorders or diseases. Their effective and non-surgical procedures facilitates in improving mobility, function and body strength. Speed and agility training are offered to sports person and athletes after comprehending their basic anatomy and physiology. This kind of trainings is useful in performing different types of sports. Such training procedures improve endurance, stamina, speed, balance, reflexes and strength. These are essential for enhancing isolated movement skills for changing body positions. Variety of sports training ensures healthy and active life style of athletes

Besides, treatment for auto accident injuries is available in such physical rehabilitation centers. It is essential to obtain proper and timely cure for such injuries. Initially the injuries might heal immediately and subside, but can recur again with deceiving health problems such as- chronic muscle tension, recurring headaches, neck pain and stiffness, etc. Specialists offer reliable treatment facilities that help to restore physical fitness. Running knee injuries can be

Running Safety Tricks at Night

Reflective vests

Although the roads will not be as busy during the days as they will be at night there still will be traffic. Therefore, invest in a reflective vest. If they can see you that will reduce your risk of getting hit. These vests come in fluorescent yellow or orange and they are very light in weight meaning you will hardly notice the difference. They are also very affordable as they are usually priced at between $10 and $20.

Personal light system

There are many lightening systems on the market that are suitable to use for running at night. You can use hand held mini lights. There are other products that you can place on your head. These come in few styles. One looks like a head sweat band with the light attached to the band. You place this around your head just like a normal head band. Other products have a small light that is attached to a cap that you wear. It is considered that these are better than handheld lights. The obvious reason is that they free up your hands because the beam of light is coming from your forehead and

Improve Fitness in Beach

The secret behind fitness on the beach is that everything and anything can be used to improve your health – if you just use your imagination. The sand is the easiest place to start to increase your fitness. Running or walking on the dry sands is much harder than walking on pavement, increasing your fitness levels and adding to your cardiovascular health. When you’re pushing sand out of your way, you’re using more muscles and the workout is harder – it’s really the best exercise equipment. You can also use the sand as a weight machine by trying to kick it with your feet – excellent for your legs. Or you can try lifting the sand to help with a sand castle with the kids – great for your arms and chest.

The water is the most obvious help for fitness on the beach. If you know how to swim, you can get a nice workout in while you’re relaxing for the day. With a stronger riptide or current, it will be all the more helpful for your entire body. Try to swim laps if you can, using your arms and legs at the same time for

Running on a Treadmill

The first advantage is that a treadmill offers you some privacy. At times being hot, sweaty, and struggling in public is a bit too much for some people. Being able to build up strength and stamina while at home is much more comfortable.

With a treadmill you can time your exercise or your distance exactly like you want it. When running trails, there are times that you can’t quite get the timing right. This can be a problem if you are trying to fit running into your morning routine and don’t want to be late for work.

If you unfortunately get injured, you can immediately stop while you are on a treadmill. When out running, this is a huge problem as you have to walk back to your car many times in pain.

A treadmill gets rid of the weather excuse. You can’t take the day off cause it’s a little cold or too rainy. You can get your exercise in no matter what. Even if you run outdoors most days, having the treadmill gives you a backup when conditions are bad.

You can train harder on a treadmill because of two very important

Running And Foot Pain

Runners quite often experience sore feet. This soreness may develop as a result of long distance running. If you already suffer from ankle tendonitis or heel spurs, you can aggravate your foot pain by continuing to run on a regular basis. There are a number of things that an individual can do to help prevent pain when running as follows.

  • wear the correct and good fitting running shoes
  • be aware of your running technique
  • avoid lifting your feet too high when running
  • wear a bandage for support around your foot and/or ankle when running
  • maintain your ideal weight
  • This one people tend to forget, don’t overdo it

Achy feet caused by running can be easily treated if you immediately take proper measures. One of the first things that you must do when experiencing foot pain when running is give your muscles the time they need to heal. Cut back your miles and implement walking in between your running program.

Remember, if muscles are not given time to repair, you may be causing more damage to your foot and legs. If pain persists, consult a doctor. He/she may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or give advice as to what you can do without

Can Lose Weight With Running

Start walking, gradually add running, and build by no more than 10% per week.

Exercise will benefit all areas of your body and improvements will appear as you progress. By keeping a log of your exercise routine, you will be able to see a progression of your improved physical fitness over time. Exercise that has the most benefit for decreasing cancer risk is probably that done at medium to vigorous levels. The benefits of physical exercise are tremendous, but the American population has become sedentary. Physical exercise need not be an backbreaking or difficult chore — it can be fun, stimulating and provide great moments for families to not only exercise together but to talk and share other important aspects of their lives.

Running can minimize the odds of everything from the common cold to cancer. Your toughness will increase. Runners World magazine is a great resource and the online version can be accessed. The Chicago marathon website is one of the best that I have seen provide information, running schedules , information on running shoes and running tips for the beginner runner , route maps with inclines, water stops, energy drink stops, spectator and cheering

Motorized Treadmill Running

To running purists, a motorized treadmill workout might make one feel like a caged hamster spinning around a wheel, but most people quickly latch on to the advantages and pleasures that treadmill workouts offer. It’s great to run on a level surface without having to worry about twisting an ankle in a pothole or tripping over rocks. Treadmills have various speeds and settings that can be adjusted to each runner’s ability. Runners who worry that they will miss the feel of running on natural ground can even set the angle of the treadmill to replicate the experience of hill running.

One great feature of motorized treadmills is that the speed and timers can be set precisely to the workout that you want to do on a particular day. You can do speed workouts or you can go for that long slow run that is an important part of distance training. The precise speed and time readouts can give runners instant feedback on their workout and allows runners to measure their progress empirically over weeks and months. Some treadmills even come with a heartbeat monitor.

The running magazine Runners World also recognizes the popularity of treadmills and

Can Burning Calories with Running

Running has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of burning a lot of calories in the least amount of time. Compared to activities such as walking, housecleaning, bicycling or other physical pursuits, running has come up time and time again in research as one of the fastest ways to burn calories.

Now there are a few things that burn calories more quickly than running. A recent Google search found the following bigger calorie burners: Skin Diving – Fast, Competitive Speed Skating and Digging Ditches. Now I don’t know about you, but most of those activities are not something I’d be able or willing to do on a regular basis. Besides the requirements for specialized equipment and training, what about access to facilities? If you’re traveling, can you fit in some quick competitive speed skating or maybe dig some ditches?

Now you may have heard the theory that – from a calorie burning point of view – a mile walked equals a mile run equals a mile crawled. That theory is based on good old Newtonian physics that states that it takes a certain amount of energy to move a certain weight a

Improve Lung Capacity For Running

1. Breathe Deeply. What you’re doing here is expanding your lung capacity and your chest’s ability to take in air. Practice these steps:

Exhale completely. I mean push it ALL out. Get it all out so you can accept more fresh clean air into your lungs.

Inhale deeply into your abdomen. Breathe the way babies do. You never see a baby pumping up its chest. Their bellies rise and fall with every little breath. Do the same. Expand your belly as you inhale forcing your belly-button away from your spine.

Then hold that breath there for a count of 3 to 5.

Then you can exhale completely again.

2. Breathe against resistance. The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the muscles that help you to breathe.

Inhale deeply. Take in lots of air.

Purse your lips. That is – hold them together with only a small opening.

Exhale forcefully. You should be making lots of noise as the air exits your mouth.

3. Inhale more than you think you can. The idea here is to expand your airways and lung capacity. By breathing in more volume than you